My Dog Needed a Supplement

When my dog started scratching a lot, I thought at first that it was because of fleas. I didn’t really understand this though because I do everything I’m supposed to do to make sure that doesn’t happen. I did a visual inspection and was surprised when I did not see even a single flea. I looked online to see if I could buy a clue on what was going on with my poor pooch, and that is when I found out that my dog simply needed a dog allergy supplement. I had read about so many other dog owners who were having the same problem, and it came down to needing a supplement in addition to their dog food regime.

I had found this out on a forum, so I asked the ones who had gone through the same trial and error process which supplement they preferred to give to their dogs. An overwhelming majority told me they buy from VitaHound. I had heard of them before so I knew they had a good reputation. I went to their website and was able to read about one of the top supplements that they sell.

After reading about how it works with a dog’s digestive system and gives the dog everything he is missing from even the best of dog foods, it made sense that I needed to add this to my dog’s daily regime. I wanted him to have the proper nutrition, and it took him scratching to make me realize that he was missing some key elements. Since I started giving him the supplements, he has not had any more scratching episodes. He even looks better now that he is getting the proper nutrients every day too. I am just glad this was such an easy and inexpensive fix for my pup!