Eat Tasty and Healthy Food Products to Prevent Anemia

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If you feel exhausted easily in spite of the fact that you sleep for eight or nine hours and if your face looks pale and dull, there is possibility that you may suffer from chronic anemia. Anemia is caused when the hemoglobin level of your body decreases below the normal level and when the total number of red blood cells seems to be quite low. If you suffer from this type of disease, it is advisable that you should eat healthy and fresh food products on a regular basis. Here are a few important food products that are recommended for people who suffer from this type of disease.


This type of item contains good amount of vitamin A, C, E and B9 and other essential nutrients such as beta carotene, fiber and iron. If you eat a half cup of spinach, then there is possibility that you can consume more than three milligrams of iron daily and it also accounts for nearly twenty percent of the total requirement of iron in a human body. If you eat spinach on a daily basis, there is every possibility that you can increase the total amount of blood in your own body.


Beetroot contains high amount of iron and it also helps you to repair as well as restore the total amount of red blood cells in your body. Once the red blood cells are activated, there is every possibility that the oxygen supply of your body also increases to a great extent. If you consume adequate amount of beetroot on a regular basis, then you will able to fight this type of disease in the best possible way. You can either consume it along with other vegetable such as tomatoes, carrots or you can crush two or three beetroots in a mixer to prepare delicious beetroot juice. If you eat beetroot with other vegetables or if you drink beetroot juice, there is possibility that you will increase the total count of red blood cells and you can fight this type of disease in the best possible way.


They contain adequate amount of iron, vitamin C and other essential ingredients and they improve the flow of blood in your own body in the best possible way. Plus, they are used to treat different symptoms of anemia, such as exhaustion, weakness and dizziness. You can eat two or three raw pomegranates or you can prepare a delicious juice from pomegranates to drink it regularly during your breakfast.


They contain adequate amount of protein ingredients and they also constitute a lot of essential antioxidants that help in accumulation of essential vitamins in your body at times when you suffer from this type of disease. It is important to remember that a large sized egg contains one milligram of iron and it helps you to fight anemia in the best possible way.


They contain adequate amount of vitamin C and other important ingredients such as Vitamin E, beta carotene and vitamin E. You can either eat two or three raw tomatoes on a daily basis or you can prepare one glass of tomato juice to drink it during your breakfast.

Mental Illness – Mental Illness and Addiction, Are They the Same?

While Mental Health Care has changed drastically since the 1970’s, it is to the Mental Health Care Recipients advantage for more in-depth drastic changes to happen.

In the 70’s, isolation rooms, and strait jackets were still very much used. As a matter of fact, a good shot of Thorazine was common practice. You might ask, just exactly what is Thorazine? In the Mental Health Field, or in medical terminology, it is a anti-psychotic medication. One that is used to calm the mental health patient. Or, if you are a family member of someone who suffers from a mental illness, you would simply say, “it would tranquilize an elephant”.

Mental Illness Similar to Addiction

Mental illness is just as devastating to a family as an addiction is. The difference between the two is, Mental Illness is not as easy to explain in some families as an addiction to drugs or alcohol would be. Society accepts the drunken behavior of an alcoholic far easier than it does the characteristics of the mentally ill. After all, it is easier to say, they have had one too many to drink vs. oh, they are in the middle of a conversation with Charles Bronson. Both however, immensely impact a family, and both share similar characteristics where treatment is concerned.

Crisis Care

Crisis care is used to treat both patients with mental illness and addicts. However, both should not be treated the same. Addicts have the luxury of counselors who themselves are recovering addicts. Twelve Step Programs are just one example of this. While mental health patients have the luxury of physicians and counselors who have studied psychology. Both addicts and people with mental illness however are, turned back to the street after their brief Crisis Care stay.

Difference Between Addiction and Mental Illness

Addiction starts with a choice. The addicts chose to take that first drink, or take that first drug of choice. The problems that come with that choice basically falls back on them as being self inflicted. On the other hand, the mentally ill are born with or have had a significant factor contribute to their disease. It is not a choice that they made.

Therefore, to treat a mental illness in the same manner as an addiction is simply ridiculous.

Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes the motivation to change our bad habits into good, healthy ones. Below is a list of 10 healthy lifestyle tips to get you started. Once you start, you can come up with more healthy choices that work for you.

o The first thing is to eat a balanced diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and get rid of the high sugar, processed foods. Along with eating better is getting the right nutrients in the system.

o So the second thing is to take vitamins and minerals to help your body work properly.

o The third tip is to quit all those nasty unhealthy habits. Smoking, drinking, drugs, chewing tobacco, whatever your vice may be quit now. You are in charge of your health and living a healthier lifestyle means getting rid of the things that may kill you.

o The fourth thing to do is exercise. Exercise makes you feel good and can motivate you to get other things done as well.

o Along with exercise, number five is making sure you see a doctor each year for an annual physical. This is more important in women, but men should be seeing a doctor every 2-3 years to make sure there are no big health concerns.

o The sixth is to surround yourself with a strong support network, or a group of people who will be there for you and participate in a healthy lifestyle as well.

o Your family and friends can help you with the seventh tip, have fun and enjoy life.

o Eighth tip is to create a good balance between work and play.

o The final two tips are to accept yourself for the unique individual you are and love what you do. If you can accept yourself, the good and the bad, it will show in all you do. Your job is something you will be doing for at least the next 20 years, so you should love it. If you don’t keep looking until you find something you do love.

Start with those healthy lifestyle choices and see how you feel in the next few weeks. You should feel more energized, motivated, and positive.